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yasio Macros

The macros listed in the table below may be used to control the interface, functionality, and behaviour of yasio.
You can define them at yasio/detail/config.hpp or compiler preprocessors.

Name Description
YASIO_HAVE_KCP Whether enable kcp, default: off
YASIO_HEADER_ONLY Whether enable header only, default: off
YASIO_SSL_BACKEND Choose ssl backend, since 3.36.0
1. Use OpenSSL
2. Use mbedtls
YASIO_ENABLE_UDS Whether enable unix domain socket support, current only unix-like system and win10 RS5 support this feature, default: off
YASIO_HAVE_CARES Whether use c-ares to resolve domain name, default: off
YASIO_VERBOSE_LOG Whether enable verbose log, default: off
YASIO_NT_COMPAT_GAI Whether enable windows xp getaddrinfo API compatible, default: off
YASIO_USE_SPSC_QUEUE Whether use SPSC queue, default: off
YASIO_HAVE_HALF_FLOAT Whether enable half float, depends on half.hpp
YASIO_DISABLE_OBJECT_POOL Whether disable object pool
YASIO_DISABLE_CONCURRENT_SINGLETON Whether disable concurrent singleton