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YASIO - Yet Another asynchronous Socket I/O.

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yasio is a multi-platform support and lightweight library with focus on asynchronous socket I/O for any client application, support windows & linux & apple & android & win10-universal.


Integration Demos


Simple run tcptest with g++

g++ tests/tcp/main.cpp --std=c++11 -DYASIO_HEADER_ONLY -lpthread -I./ -o tcptest && ./tcptest

Build more examples with cmake

git clone https://github.com/yasio/yasio
cd yasio
git submodule update --init --recursive
cd build
# For macOS xcode, it's shoud be cmake .. -GXcode
cmake ..

# Use cmake command to build examples & tests, 
# or open yasio.sln with visual studio(2013~2019 supported) at win32 platform
cmake --build . --config Debug


Core framework